State Publications

One copy of each state publication as defined on page 270 of the Appendix of this schedule, except a publication that is subject to a different retention period in this schedule. For example, a meeting agenda (see item number 1.1.058) also meets the definition, but it must be retained permanently; item numbers 1.1.004, 1.1.055, 1.1.066, 1.1.068, and 4.5.003, which also meet the definition, are closely associated with the appropriations process and must be retained AC +6.


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1.3 - Administrative Records-State Publications

Retention Period

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Final Repository: 
AC = For those publications meant to be distributed in a first published version without subsequent revision, the date decision is made within an agency to no longer make the publication available for distribution. US = For serial publications issued in successive parts bearing numerical or chronological designations (e.g., newsletters, annual statistical reports of regulated activities), from the date of release of the next part in the series. CAUTION: Many state publications must be submitted to the Texas State Publications Depository Program, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, by law (Government Code 441.101). The Texas State Library and Archives Commission will retain a copy of all state publications submitted to it on a continuing basis, subject to periodic evaluation to determine if the publication merits further retention. For additional information and requirements concerning state publications made available to the public through the Internet, consult the administrative rules of the Texas State Publications Depository Program of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (13 TAC 3.1 - 3.16). Web site retention: Printouts or snapshots of pages with significant changes satisfies the retention requirement.


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