Transitory Information

Records of temporary usefulness that are not an integral part of a records series of the University, that are not regularly filed within the University's record keeping system, and that are required only for a limited period of time for the completion of an action by an official or employee of the University or in the preparation of an ongoing records series. Transitory records are not essential to the fulfillment of statutory obligations or to the documentation of University functions. Some examples of transitory information, which can be in any medium (voice mail, fax, email, hard copy, etc.) are routine messages; telephone message notifications; internal meeting notices; routing slips; incoming letters or memoranda of transmittal that add nothing of substance to enclosures; and similar routine information used for communication, but not for the documentation, of a specific University transaction.


Record Series Item Number: 
Retention Policy Number: 
1.1 - Administrative Records-General

Retention Period

Total Retention: 


Final Repository: 
AC = Purpose of record has been fulfilled. CAUTION: Records management officers should use caution in assigning this records series item number to records of the University to make certain they are not part of another records series listed in this schedule, or for records series unique to the University, are not part of a records series that documents the fulfillment of the statutory obligations of the University or the documentation of its functions. The disposal of transitory information need not be documented through destruction authorizations (1.2.001) or in records disposition logs (1.2.010), but agencies should establish procedures governing disposal of these records as part of its records management plan (1.2.014).


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