RRS Codes and Explanations

Explanation of RRS Retention Codes

Retention Period: All numbers used with retention periods are expressed in years unless otherwise indicated.

AC: After Closed (or terminated, completed, expired, or settled) - The record is related to a function of activity with a finite closure date.  An "AC" retention period is always defined in the Remarks section of a record series (i.e. AC=Date of graduation, etc).

AV: As Long as Administratively Valuable - The immediate purpose for which the record was created has been fulfilled any subsequent need for the record to conduct the operation of the University, if any, has been satisfied .

CE: Calendar Year End - December 31.

FE: Fiscal Year End-August 31

LA: Life of Asset - the record is retained until the disposal of the asset.

MO: Months.

PM: Permanent - A record that possesses enduring legal, fiscal, or administrative value and must be preserved permanently by the University.

US: Until superseded - The record is replaced by an updated version. If a record subject to this retention period is discontinued or is no longer required by law, the date of supersession is the date the decision to discontinue the record is made or the law takes effect. If the record relates to an employee, the date of supersession is the last date the record is needed with reference to the employee, as applicable.


Explanation of RRS Retention Codes

I: The records must be transferred to University Archives after the approved retention period (listed) has ended.

O: The records should be appraised by the University Archivist to determine historical value before destruction. Records found to have historical value should be transferred to the University Archives after the approved retention period (listed) has ended.

P: Transfer to State Publications Depository

 Explanation of RRS Terms

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations - Regulations of federal agencies adopted under authority of laws enacted by the U. S. Congress.

Program Record - A program record is any record that is not included in the 5 general categories of records in the State of Texas Records Retention Schedule (published by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission).  Program records are unique to each agency and hold operation, legal, financial or historical value to the agency.

Record Copy - The document kept on file as an original or official record for the total retention period. Distinct from a "working" or "convenience" copy, which is a duplicate used for reference purposes. Caution: Care must be taken in determining if duplicate records are indeed convenience copies or if two or more copies of the same document must be considered record copies. It is possible for the same document to be present in two or more units of the institution and be a record copy in each unit if it serves a different function in each of the units.

Record Series - A group of identical or related records with the same function and the same retention period that is evaluated as a unit for retention scheduling purposes.

Retention Period  - The amount of time a records series must be retained before destruction or archival preservation.

TAC  - Texas Administrative Code. Regulations of state agencies adopted under authority of laws enacted by the Texas Legislature.


Explanation of "RRS Online" Search Fields

Keyword - This field can be used to run a keyword search across titles, descriptions, and remarks. This field will return all record series that contain the words a user enters in the search.

Final Repository - This field can be used to search for all record series that are housed in a certain unit (as the Final Repository). If a user enters "Financial Aid", then all record series that list "Financial Aid" as the Final Repository will be returned.


Explanation of Fields

Records Series Item Number (1.2.345) - Records series item numbers are assigned by the State and Local Records Management Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Item Number (123) - Unique number assigned to the record series by the Institutional Records Management Program. Includes abbreviation for the department(s) responsible for keeping the official copy of the record. See list of department abbreviations.

Records Series Title (Title) - The most general titles possible have been chosen. Explanations are provided for those titles which are not self-explanatory.

Retention Period (AC, FE, US+1, etc) - Retention is expressed in years unless otherwise noted. Retention codes are located at the bottom of each page in the PDF copy of the RRS and in RRS Online.

Security (O, C) - O for Open or C for Confidential. Decisions determining if a record is open or confidential should be based on the Texas Public Information Act and any other law or regulation that applies to the record. Appears only RRS in the Online, not the PDF schedule sent to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Archival (I, O) - Those records series that must be transferred, or evaluated, for archival preservation. Archival codes are located at the bottom of each page.

Medium (P, M, E, O, etc) - The format in which the official is kept, such as paper, microfiche, etc. Appears only in the RRS Online, not the PDF schedule sent to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Vital Designation (X) - Vital records are those that are essential to resume business or continue an organization, to recreate a component's financial or legal position, or to preserve the rights of employees and citizens. Records series commonly regarded as vital have been so designated. These designations are not made mandatory by these Guidelines. Records series unique to certain components (i.e. UNT System UNT, UNT Dallas, UNT Health Science Center) may not be vital to others based upon these Guidelines and depending on the nature of the record keeping systems for each.

Remarks (CFR 123456, etc) - This column contains citations to applicable federal or state laws or regulations or other information regarding records retention requirements.

Final Repository (PPS, Compliance, etc) - This field lists the unit or units that are responsible for maintaining the official/record copy.