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Managing Our Information Assets

The University of North Texas System is committed to maintaining a comprehensive records and information management program in accordance with all applicable laws, institutional policies and industry best practices. The Institutional Records Management Program assists the UNT System institutions by developing classification and retention strategies for all types of stored information and collaborating with all levels of the organization to put those strategies into operation.

The mission of the program falls within two major goals:

  • Develop effective records and information management strategies which achieve both compliance and cost savings for all UNT System institutions
  • Provide the framework for information management education, awareness and innovation across all levels of the organization

The Institutional Records Management Program is led by the Director of Institutional Records Management in the Office of Institutional Compliance.

IRMP Updates

Pursuant to Senate Bill 20 relating to records management and retention, the State has advised that no purchasingcontract, and contract solicitation documents be destroyed at this time.  If you have purchasing, contract and contract solicitation documents that have reached retention, you are advised to retain them until further notice from our office.  The following record series titles that should not be disposed of include, but are not limited to Employee Contracts, Purchase Vouchers, Grant Records, Contracts and Leases, Insurance Policies, Equipment History File, Equipment Service Agreements, Bid Documentation, and Requests for Information.

Once guidance has been finalized regarding records management and retention of such items, the Records Retention Schedule will be amended and the destruction/disposal process will proceed.  We will send out another notice to inform you at that time. 

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at records@unt.edu or 940-565-4142.