The Institutional Records Management Program directs records and information management initiatives for the UNT System, UNT, and UNT Dallas. The program is led by the Records Compliance Officer in the University Integrity and Compliance office.

Records and Information Management Laws and System/Institutional Policies:


The mission of the Institutional Records Management Program falls within two major goals:

Goal 1: Develop effective records and information management strategies which achieve both compliance and cost savings for all UNT System institutions

  • Develop and administer an institutional records and information management program for the UNT System, UNT and UNT Dallas
  • Develop and maintain the UNT System Core Records Retention Schedule (a comprehensive set of common retention strategies/policies (for all UNTS institutions) as well as supplemental campus-based schedules
  • Identify and take adequate steps to assist with the protection of confidential and vital institutional records

Goal 2: Provide the framework for information management education, awareness, and innovation across all levels of the organization

  • Assist all UNT System, UNT and UNT Dallas departmental units with the preparation of records management plans
  • Promote sound records management principles and initiatives and make recommendations for best methods and systems for managing records
  • Deploy timely information management training, communication, and awareness
  • Form strategic partnerships with all UNT System institutions, system and campus management, state agencies and other organizations to create ongoing awareness, efficiency, and innovation
  • Serve as a model records management program for other institutions of higher education