Records Management Planning

In the past, units were asked to create a Records Management Plan. The purpose of this plan was for units to inventory their records and tie them to the Records Retention Schedule (RRS). The plans created by the units also allowed the Institutional Records Management Program (IRMP) to be aware of unique items that did not fit on the schedule or items that needed to be updated on the schedule. There was also a tool that was used by different areas to request new items be added and also assist units getting their plans approved. While IRMP will not continue this practice, the following is now being requested of units concerning Records Management Plans (RMP). 

Updates and Revisions

If your unit began an RMP that is still "Under Review" per the planning tool on Share Point, please know that you have began a very important process for your unit and that what you have started will be extremely helpful as you all begin to dispose of records. We recommend using the Records Management Plan template below . You can use this as a working tool to keep track of your records and keep them updated with the RRS. 

Brand New Plan

If you are new to records management it is extremely helpful for you to create a plan. You may use the template below to get started and if you have any questions please feel free to contact our office