RMR Selection

Before selecting RMR(s), please consider the following points:

  1. Which units report directly to you?  You will need to identify an RMR and Alternate RMR for each unit.
  2. What is the size of the unit(s)?  What is the volume of records maintained in the unit?  Larger units will be required to identify more than one RMR so that all functional areas of the unit are properly addressed.  Administrators should consider the records within each functional area of the larger unit.  It is advisable to identify one RMR per functional area.
  3. Which staff lead the maintenance and operation of unit records on a regular basis?  RMRs will receive training and guidance on records management policies and procedures.  RMRs will develop a skill set that will compliment their existing knowledge of unit processes.
  4. What is the reporting structure of the unit?  RMRs should have direct reporting access to unit administration and management - and should have access or authority to enact change in departmental recordkeeping processes (including physical and electronic records processes - as needed).  RMRs are the point of contact for the Institutional Records Management Program and are involved in the approval process for disposing records of the unit. 
  5. The RMR and Alternate RMR must be full-time faculty or staff.  Graduate assistants, student assistants and work-study student employees may not be appointed as an RMR or Alternate RMR. 

RMR/Alternate RMR Identification & Training Registration Process:

  1. Unit Administrator/Head receives request from Institutional Records Management Program to identify RMRs/Alt RMRs.
  2. Unit Administrator/Head determines the appropriate number of RMRs/Alt RMRs for their unit. The Director of Institutional Records Management assist units in determining the correct number of RMRs.
  3. The Unit Administrator/Head notifies the individuals that were selected to become RMRs/Alt RMRs. The Unit Administrator/Head or the employees complete the RMR/Alternate RMR Designation Form [Online - EUID login required].
  4. RMRs/Alt RMRs register for required Records Management Training.

Role of the RMR in Related Records/Information Management Initiatives:

If your department currently uses, or plans to use the UNT System's imaging application, ImageNow, it is suggested that your RMR also serve as your ImageNow team lead.  Many of the processes that the RMRs are involved with are required steps in implementing ImageNow. 

Additional information management initiatives that the department or unit undertakes (including Business Continuity Planning) should also involve the RMR.

The Director of Institutional Records Management works with each unit to identify and evaluate the RMR coverage.  If you have questions regarding proper RMR selection and identification, please contact us at records@unt.edu or 940-565-4142