Daily Broadcast Logs


Retention Policy Number: 
1.1 - Administrative Records-General

Retention Period

Total Retention: 
3 years


CAUTION: It is an exception to the retention period indicated that logs involving communications incident to a disaster or which include communications incident to or involved in an investigation by the FCC and about which the licensee has been notified, shall be retained by the licensee until specifically authorized in writing by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to destroy them. In addition, logs incident to or involved in any claim or complaint of which the licensee has notice shall be retained by the licensee until such claim or complaint has been fully satisfied or until the same has been barred by statute limiting the time for filing of suits upon such claims. 47 CFR 73.1840(a), 47 CFR 73.1800, 47 CFR 73.1820.