Drug Test Records - Negative Results

This record series consists of the positive results of a drug test under the drug free workplace act or as required for cdl or other drivers under us dot regulations as well as records related to canceled tests. This series might include documents generated in decisions to administer reasonable suspicion or post- accident testing, or in verifying the existence of a medical explanation of the inability of the driver to provide adequate breath or to provide a urine specimen for testing. In addition, the case file could be included: the employer's copy of an alcohol test form, including the results of the test; a copy of the controlled substances test chain of custody control form; documents sent by the medical review officer to the employer; notice to report for testing; affidavit signed by the employee stating any prescription drugs or over the counter medication currently taken; final clearance to resume working. This can include memorandum and correspondence related to an employee's refusal to take or submit samples for an alcohol and/or controlled substance test(s) (49 cfr 382.401).


Record Series Item Number: 
Retention Policy Number: 
3.1 - Personnel Records-Employee

Retention Period

Total Retention: 
2 Years